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Valiant Glass has been supplying quality glass products and services throughout Sydney for over 35 years. As a glass specialist we stock a wide range of glass types that are stored in our modern warehouse, which are used to manufacture a variety of glass products. The ready supply of various glass types enables our staff to provide prompt glass and glazing services to your total satisfaction for any application.

Call Sydney-wide

  • North (02) 9477 7780
  • South (02) 9540 3133
  • East (02) 8335 9540
  • West (02) 9797 9915

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Glass Repairs

In most cases glass panels in buildings are unable to be repaired and therefore must be replaced with new glass. We have built a reputation as a market leader in the Sydney glass repair industry by offering a reliable service for homeowners and large corporate clients. Same day service and fast turnaround times guarantee your glass repairs are carried out with the minimum of fuss.

Our services include:

Glass Replacement

Our comprehensive range of glass combined with our fleet of special glass carrying vehicles allows us to provide a fast and efficient glass replacement service. We provide a highly responsive service that caters for the emergency replacement needs of our clients ensuring safety and security for your premises. Common glass replacement services include window replacement, glass door replacement, shopfront glass replacement and many other types of glass found in homes or businesses.

Our services include:

Glass Installation

Our glass installations comply with the strict requirements of the Australian Standard AS1288 and are carried out by highly trained qualified glaziers. The main types of glass installations performed by our staff include commercial and domestic glazing, bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors,? splashbacks, shower screens and balustrades. In general our staff can install any glass required for your new or renovated premises.

Our services include:

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